Ten Startup Restaurant Rules

Ten Startup Restaurant Rules
©2016  Anthony D Darden
  1. Manually control your Stock and Inventory.
  2. Never try to keep up and follow the Joneses or what is popular competition. You are the Joneses.
  3. Vet your employees - that they are respectful, a presentation of your brand, are enthusiastic about the challenges ahead, and willing to stand side by side in the success and hard work of a team player.
  4. Always be courteous to your staff. Treat them like family and reward them for the extra mile. They are the ones who will give 125%, and will be the key management to your growth and future endeavors.
  5. Never sign with a delivery vender if you are too small to keep up with the monthly bills. Do the footwork yourself. Shop daily for fresh products. Learn where the hidden deals are at in your community. Get out, have fun, rub shoulders with the people, and pass the savings on down to them with weekly specials. In turn, ensuring a personal connection and personal growth to your customs and business.
  6. Promote and keep your kitchen, healthy, super clean, and well organized in order to operate and function as a well-organized production team.  Not only for the prosperity and growth of your business, but to assure a loyal and thriving customer base.
  7. Always know where management start, and management end. Be an honest and fair boss. Especially to family and friends. They are, most often, the ones who take you for granted.
  8. Streamline your budget. Keep an eye on your money, and only pay for what is earned. Always know and listen to everyone in your company. Because if they are vested, big ideals can indeed come from small places.
  9. Find a fresh produce man. Fresh locate produce men, you can put a small ad in the paper. Or hire a good hearted family member. Give them a list of what you want and expect, and they’ll run all over God’s green earth. But of course, if you’re smart, you’ll employing him as a runner. A guy when not out looking for the perfect tomato, can help around the kitchen doing the small little things that keep the kitchen running like a fine tuned machine. Teach a runner the ends and outs little by little. They most often become the most valuable resource in the kitchen. They also are dependable, healthy, and stress relievers. In this business, one definitely needs a dependable go to man.   
  10. Always believe in yourself and stay cool under pressure. Be patient, vigilant, determined, creative, original, an inspiration, and a cut above all the rest.